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We believe & hope that our experience & skills are considered & work
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Founded in June 2018 by Suhas S K. Our Team has over an year of work experience in BPO Service & Digital Marketing. Our Team members are well suited for clerical work and multitasking. Proficiency in software of day-to-day use like MS Excel, Word & PowerPoint, also having good knowledge of Web developing , just to add to the variety of our skills. With quick learning capability & smart working techniques, we are always willing to give our best to achieve client satisfaction.

Our vision is set , we look forward to become the best & one of the most trusted service providers in the field. We believe & hope that our experience & skills are considered & work will be comprehended appreciably.


  • Accurate, Efficient & Reliable Business Process Service
  • Offer Good Work Environment
  • Many Of Satisfied Customers
  • Affordable & Flexible Pricing Solution
  • Experienced Staff With Profeciency

Back Office Outsourcing

Larger enterprises can get caught up in their administrative functions to the point that they lose valuable resources to processes. Some back office functions that can be outsourced include:

  1. Human Resource Management: A complete end-to-end solution that handles onboarding, payroll inputs, tax processing, time and attendance, benefits management and separation, is ideal for larger organizations.
  2. Accounting Functions: Accounts payable and accounts receivable are the primary cost center of any organization. Delayed or deferred payments need to be handled, while completed payments need to be updated.
  3. Data Management: With Big Data and Analytics as the hottest trend, organizations realize the importance of collecting huge sets of data. However, managing these sets requires technology, people and processes.
  4. Quality Assurance: Standardized processes across the organization can greatly improve flexibility and scalability.
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Front Office Outsourcing

Companies faced with rapidly growing customer bases, and a focus on service quality, usually require front office support for their customer facing functions. Some of these functions are:

  1. Help Desk Support: Services for both employees and customers can efficiently evaluate issues and even offer technical support. Benefits include customer satisfaction, quality improvements, and a better handle on staffing.
  2. Customer Service: Managing a business the right way means customers are at the top of the priority list.
  3. Market Survey & Research: Understanding competitors is the first step to growing sustainably. Market behaviour is also critical to making informed decisions.
  4. Scheduling: Customer service relies heavily on having the right amount of trained staff on hand at all times. Managing resources is a heavy duty job that is best outsourced to established service providers.

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